Messy Kids

Jerry D, 15 Months, VIC

Jerry D 15 Months, VIC

Jerry is a very adventurous inquisitive boy, loves life to the fullest 🤗 getting in to anything he can and learning how to make a mess.
He has been eating Weet-Bix for breakfast since the day he could have solids and will not have anything else hehe definitely a
Weet-Bix kid, he is also going to be a big boy so needs his Weet-Bix ❤

5 weekly winners win $150 each and a Weet-Bix bowl!

Know a little one who
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There’s no voting this year – simply snap a pic of your messy little kid for a chance to win cash! There’s 5 weekly winners and every entry gets a FREE Weet-Bix e-cookbook and goes in the draw to win one of 50 Weet-Bix bowls.